It didn’t work, obviously. Notwithstanding the fact that Lionel Messi curled the free-kick over the bar, Levante goalkeeper Gustavo Munua would have had to be pretty stupid for this trick to reduce him to a spellbound statue: “Durrr… look at that man jumping… haha… jumping and wavi… oh, Messi’s scored.”

Our favourite part of this whole farce is the length of time Messi takes over the free-kick. The world's greatest player has always struck us as someone with a sense of humour, and we imagine he was stifling his laughter as the former Arsenal playmaker pulled out his best moves.

“Hurry up, Mess. I look ridiculous.”

“No mate, you’re doing a great job. I'm just lining it up. You just keep jumping and waving, the ‘keeper won’t know what’s hit him. Next time we’ve got a throw-in, you do the worm and I’m sure we’ll score. Bet you're glad you joined Barca, Arsene's theories on contemporary dance are soooooo outdated.”