Today is National High Five day, and whilst we're pretty surprised that this actually exists, we've got to admit it's a pretty awesome thing to celebrate.

Who doesn't enjoy a celebratory high five at the end of a long day/meal/game of FIFA?

That said, being a high five enthusiast does come with its risks - are they into it as much as you? Do they actually want a hug? Am I trying too hard? A little like relationships really...

Here's FHM's 5 simple rules and make sure nobody leaves you hanging.

01 Don't begin the high five until you are within grabbing distance

02 Don't try and high five someone that's 'in the zone'

03 Don't sit on the end of a row

04 If you miss, just laugh. Don't try and turn it into an awkward hug

05 Make sure you actually have someone to high five...


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