As if there wasn’t enough world-ending strife out there to worry about, a slippery-fingered German has just brought us one step closer to the end of days.

Cack-handed historian Thomas “Butterfingers” Ritter dropped and chipped a magic skull thought to have been a protective force against the impending apocalypse.

Mayan magic

The volcanic rock skull – stolen by the Nazis from its hiding place in Tibet and placed in the care of chief SS nasty-man Heinrich Himmler – was believed to have been crafted by the Mayans as a mystical force-field for mankind against the wrath of the gods.

The apocalypse, in case you were wondering, is predicted to take place on December 21 2012, according to the more pessimistic interpretations of the ancient Mayan calendar.

So all in all, not a good time to be careless while in custody of our only hope of salvation.

'A bit wobbly'

The skull-drop occurred during a photo shoot earlier this week when, as an eyewitness eloquently put it, “it was probably put down somewhere a bit wobbly.”

The 1,000-year-old skull fell to the floor where a large chunk came off its chin.

Doomsday prophets, or as they’re otherwise known, crazy peoples, reckon that this is a sign that the Mayans got it right, and we’re all going to die horrible, fiery deaths come December’s winter solstice.

But Ritter has assured the world that his little accident wouldn’t be the nail in the Earth’s coffin, and that the world would keep spinning through to 2013 and beyond.

He best be right, or this is going to be the worst Christmas ever.