Been thinking about hitting that diet for the summer months? Us too. Sure, summer’s nearly over but we’re holding out for a late pocket of sunshiny magic now it’s August. Who knows, this time next week we might even get the chance go shirtless in the park. And for that one beautiful moment, thanks to our diet, we’ll probably be looking banging.

Sadly, at exactly the time we made the decision to shape up we found the Epic Meal Time guys on YouTube. Going beyond the call of food duty, these guys take pimping food to a new low (or high - you decide). Sugar fried bacon, chocolate pizzas, and bacon Jack Daniels (these guys like bacon HARD) are all on the menu as they seek to make the most disturbingly unhealthy versions of your favourite dishes.

Our favourite is the Epic Lasagne but you can check out the rest of their artery-clogging artwork here.