Why we’ve got a man crush on the head of all Russia:

In August Russia experienced the worst wild fires in its history. They were so bad it drove Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to climb into a fire-fighting plane and take to the skies. Footage showed him pushing a button to unleash water on blazing forest fires about 120 miles southeast of Moscow. After hitting the button, Putin looked at the pilot and asked, “Was that okay?” The response: “A direct hit!” That’s a politician we can get on board with. Here’s nine reasons why Putin beats Cameron…

1/ He’s been known to take his labrador, Koni, into meetings with him.

2/ He began his career in the counter intelligence department of the KGB.

3/ He is a 6th dan in judo and has co-authored a book called Judo With Vladimir Putin.

4/ He’s a keen biker and rides a Harley-Davidson trike.

5/ He once dismissed accusations that he had a secret personal fortune with the line, “They have picked this in their noses and have smeared this across their pieces of paper. This is how I view this.”

6/ Cameron does press photos on a bike; Putin goes fishing, with his top off.

7/ He can fly fighter planes.

8/ He helped tag and track a Siberian tiger.

9/ When he swims, he does the super-tough butterfly.

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