This week Facebook has released figures demonstrating that over 83 million of its profiles are 'fake' - with millions of pages taken up by people pretending to either be Tiddles the cat or a fictional Kardashian sibling.

Social media has made it possible for any of us to masquerade as any big-name celeb we wish. Here are our five celeb parody accounts on Twitter - along with some choice recent tweets. 

Just to make it absolutely clear, and in a very legal sense, these are NOT the real people, and in no way represent the actual celebrities' opinions or views.

5. Not Boris Johnson @NotBorisJohnson

SAMPLE TWEET: Lorks! Lost at cards to Tessa Sanderson at drinking party before Olympic ceremony dress rehearsal. Had to shut Central Line as forfeit."

4. John Terry (Not) @BigJohnTerry

SAMPLE TWEET: “#DontYouJustHateWhen The husbands car is in the drive... #cockblock.”

3.  Not Seb Coe @Seb_Coe_I_Am

SAMPLE TWEET: “I deserve the credit for the golds yesterday! I once rode a bike. I've seen a canoe. And I've shot hundreds of peasants from my car #inspire.”

2. The Dark Lord @Lord_Voldermort7

SAMPLE TWEET: “Note that 'Voldemort' isn't trending. Twitter knows better than to say my name.”

1. Ian Beale @_IanBeale

Our top spot goes to a man arguably more popular on Twitter than he is on the telly. With over 59,000 Bealeiebers, it’s the one, the only, Ian Beale, from off EastEnders (sort of).

We asked our man how he felt about being an online sensation: Bealetastic!” came the response.

SAMPLE TWEET: “I ran out of toilet roll earlier so I had to wipe my arse with a newspaper. You should have seen Denise's face in the Minute Mart.”

Words: Theo Watt