Over the past few months, Google has been on a massive, high-tech spending spree, snapping up everything from the military contracted robotic-makers Boston Dynamics to the British artificial-intelligence innovating start-up DeepMind.

All of which does little to keep conspiracy theorists at bay, especially when their new director Ray Kurzweil has recently given an interview where he claims that we're on the cusp of cracking artificial intelligence, and living forever.

Here are five terrifying reasons why Google could be a real-life, Terminator-creating Skynet…

01  They own Boston Dynamics.
This is a company that is so awesome at making bad-ass robots, its contracted by the US Military – contracts that, according to Google, will still be honoured.

Essentially, Google is now making stuff for the military, and you don’t need to see Iron Man to know that rich companies working for the army isn’t a good thing.
02  They now own robots with names like Big Dog, Wildcat, Cheetah and Atlas. Their names alone sound like a crack squad of superhero robots that could give the Transformers a run for their money, and that’s not even looking at the stuff they can do.

Things like run faster than Usain Bolt (Cheetah), walk up mountains (Atlas) and throw massive fucking breeze blocks (Big Dog).

Absolutely terrifying.

03  They’re pioneering driverless cars.
On the surface this sounds fantastic and has numerous benefits, including cutting down carbon emissions and accident rates. But is it really just a plan to make us fully reliable on machines? And sentient ones at that?

How long before these slave taxi drivers get pissed off and start going AWOL?

04  They know everything about you. Including the fact that you’re reading this article. In fact, they probably brought you here in the first place.

They know where you are right now, who you’re emailing, where you live, your bank details, who your family and friends are… EVERYTHING.

Let's just say, when the revolution arrives, we know what side we’d like to be on.

05  They’re trying to cure death. In September 2013, Google announced their new company, Calico.

The whole point of it is to tap into human genetics and rewire them with drugs or other science awesomeness to stop people growing old and getting ill.

It's admittedly not a bad thing, but what if this now involved their new robot company too and their real focus is to make everlasting cyborg people that could eventually rise up and kill us all? Just like Terminators?

Then again, they might just be an awesome internet company that like innovation.

So, in the interest of balance, here’s one reason why they’re probably not taking over the world and becoming the apocalypse-bringing Skynet.

01  Because Amazon already are. They’ve even got the experimental drones to prove it. And they know where you live.

Time to start wearing your tinfoil hat and building a fall-out shelter.