Stephen Hawking has revealed that we could accidentally destroy the entire universe by manipulating the God Particle (discovered last year). Which is pretty bloody terrifying.

Although he does add that at present we don't really have the technology available (or at least affordably anyway) to actually do it, it's still worrying considering scientists still don't really know anything about the notorious Higgs Boson particle.

Here's a round up of what we do know though, an how likely it is to kill us all.

01 The particle was dicovered in 2013, by Professor Peter Higgs, alongside Professor Francois Englert who were both awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics for successfully predicting the existence of the Higgs boson particle, also known as the God particle. Its discovery provides the missing piece of the puzzle that is the Standard Model - see below.

02 The research was carried out at CERN in Switzerland in the Large Hadron Collider. This huge machine allows scientists to speed up particles to the speed of light to see what happens. It also has a name that makes it sound like a time machine. But it's not.

02 The Standard Model is a complicated equation explaining how everything works together in the universe. This includes everything from our whole existence to the way that girls are always right in arguments, probably. What it didn't explain fully though was where mass comes from. So a load of clever blokes got together to figure it out.

03 They did this by smashing a load of particles together in the Collider and found that out of 10 billion collisions, the chances were that only one would form a Higgs boson particle. Which means it's really rare and also a massive deal. Like Ron Burgundy. They later examined these to discover that it was surrounded by an invisible but totally amazing "field".

04 This was the boson particle and proof of the Higgs field. When other particles (also known as really small "things") whizz through it, they get bogged down with mass, resulting in the creation of planets, stars, moons and everything else in the universe. Like we said, it's a massive deal.

05 At the minute it doesn't really make much difference to anyone other than scientists, but the idea is that this new, basic piece of information will spark even bigger discoveries. We're holding out for time machines, hoverboards and a real life Jurassic Park.

And now for a hot GIF of a girl pulling on her jeans...

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Words by Melissa Wylie