A teacher in Belgium has managed to find the perfect way of punishing his unruly students, by spoiling upcoming episodes of Game Of Thrones.

Like a true sociopathic troll of the streaming Age, he’s making it his mission to spoil every single twist and turn of Game Of Thrones for his students if they don’t buck their ideas up. So far, he’s revealed every death that happened in the third series and he’s showing no signs of stopping.

“I've read all the books,” he told the class. “If there is too much noise, I will write the name of the dead on the board. They are enough to fill the whole year and I can even describe how they die.”


On one hand, it’s the most barbaric thing we’ve ever heard of, but on the other it’s bloody genius and it’d definitely keep us on our best behaviour.

Especially if it stretched even further. Imagine it. You’re late for work: Darth Vader is Luke’s dad. You park your car on double yellows: It was Kevin Spacey all along!

Every single bad thing you do, you just get smashed in the face with a spoiler.

No homework today? Too bad, Walt’s got cancer.


It’s the perfect way to punish someone for their undoing, sending a normally balanced adult into a spasm of a childish tantrum. Fingers in ears, screaming,“Nee naw nee naw, I can’t hear you!” face burning red and eyeballs flush with pure rage. All for a few simple words like, “Bruce Willis is a ghost.”

What do you think? Has it all gone too far, or have we just found the ultimate form of punishment for anyone that’s on your shit list?

Words by Jordan Waller