If you've ever wondered what celebrities eat for breakfast or what kind of yoga they like to do on a Sunday, you're in completely the wrong place.

To find out the weirdest number Michelle Keegan's got on her phone, and why TV's Ben Fogle sings to cows, grab the latest issue of FHM.

Here are six absolutely true revelations to tempt you with:

01 Jamie Bell likes to take pictures of vomit on the street.

Kanye West WTF


02 The first time Jimmy Anderson stood up to his playground bullies, they rubbed a cornish pasty in his face.

Christian Bale GIF


03 Ben Fogle once hallucinated from dehydration and thought he was a dolphin.

Marty McFly GIF


04 It costs $100,000 to rent Mike Tyson for the day.

Spit GIF


05 Michelle Keegan's biggest crush is Alan Partridge.

Bridesmaids Wiig GIF


06 Not only is Bruce Dickinson the lead singer of Iron Maiden, he's also an Olympic-level fencer.

Michelle Obama GIF


And that ain't even the half of it! Get your issue now and prepare to WTF your face off.

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