Every year on No Pants Subway Ride Day, you're supposed to ride the New York Subway whilst not wearing any trousers. It's a bit like Christmas, except it takes place underground and features no trousers. It happened to take place yesterday, and – fittingly – some people forgot their pants.

No pants!

Here we have a man who's clearly too cool for school, as he's not even joining in with the conversations around him and instead just reading a book like it ain't no thing. But fair play to him – what are you going to say? 'Well, I see you're not wearing any pants – and wouldn't you know it, neither am I! Here we both are.” No part of that is not creepy.

And if you didn't discuss your mutual pantlessness? It'd be left hovering in the air like an incongruous genie, and you'd have to not look at each other's pants (often not a problem when you're talking to someone new for the first time) and pretty soon you'd have to give up, nod, smile softly and get out your phone whilst you furiously attempt not to make eye contact with anyone. Guess that's why he's brought a book along. Smart guy.

No pants!

Here are some more people waiting for a train. They are cold – they weren't interviewed, but this is scientific fact. It's January in New York over there. Much like the eager holidaymakers outside Virgin travel late last year, these guys are frigging cold. And with no discount holidays in sight, there's very little incentive to stay trouserless.

You're right, that is the hot girl from the header image again. You're alright with that, yeah? Yeah. Everyone in the picture seems to agree.

Comedy group Improv Everywhere started the event ten years ago, where seven guys took off their trousers on a train and managed to chalk it up to “sillness” rather than “a crime,” which it normally is, and since then it's grown to become a worldwide phenomenon, or so we're assured. There's some video of lots of people in their pants – mainly women for some reason, but we're not exactly complaining – taken at the event last year.

No pants!

These two men who are embarrassed because they've worn the same outfit.

We support it, in spirit – maybe not in pantlessness, hell, it is January out there – but man, that's got to be one awkward train journey if you've got some guy's knackers at eye level. Where would you look? There's a British version, too - called No Trousers Day, obviously - which is carried out with a stern, unquestioning tenacity by all participants. Although the packed tube trains make it a bit more, well... personal.