Photo by Anthony DeLorenzo on Flickr

One cold winter evening, an elderly couple wander into a fast-food restaurant. As the young families look on, the old gent walks up to the counter, orders a meal and then pays.

Taking a seat next to his wife, he slowly unwraps the plain burger and cuts it in two – placing one half in front of his beloved. Then, he carefully divides the fries into two piles: one for him, one for her.

As the man takes a few bites of hamburger, the crowd began to get restless – this is obviously a couple who’ve been together for decades, and all they can afford is a single meal.

Eventually, a young onlooker wanders over and offers to buy another meal. ‘We’re just fine, thanks,’ says the pensioner. ‘After 50 years, we’re used to sharing everything.’

Then the young man notices that the little old lady hasn’t eaten a bite of her portion. Instead, while her husband wolfs down his half, she sits and occasionally sips the drink.

‘Ma'am,’ says the young chap. ‘Why aren't you eating? Your husband says you share everything. What are you waiting for?’ Over horn-rimmed glasses, she looks back at him. ‘The teeth,’ she says.