Kanye West has gone and released another song where he does Jesus arms. This time it sees him "riding" a motorbike in front of some dodgy backgrounds while having sex with a naked and very sexy-looking Kim Kardashian.

The whole thing is a massive cross between slap-your-thigh fantastic and utterly confusing. Here's everything that popped into our heads when we watched it the first time around...

Did they use the same studio as Shakira for her Whenever, Wherever video?

Kanye is wearing two shirts.

Is it to hide the holes in his T-shirt?


This bike is totally not moving.

Did Kanye (and Shakira) both buy their backgrounds from Shutterstock?

None of these people are wearing helmets. Only one of them is wearing clothes. Do they have fricking death wishes?

Is the motorbike a convulated metaphor for the fame that they’re both currently riding? Along with each other.

If you only look at Kim in this shot, it looks like a shampoo advert. If you only look at Kanye, it looks like the final shot of Fievel Goes West.

Kim Kardashian has no nipples.

Kim still thinks she is in a shampoo advert.

Why does Kanye look so sad? He’s riding a motorbike in front of a picture of a desert with a naked beautiful woman.

Tie-dye is quite literally the trend that will not die.

Did Kanye just love and leave Kim?

Kanye just said Jesus and then put his arms out like a cross. Totally. Going. To. Hell.

Kim's back and now they’re driving into clouds. Did they crash and die because of their disregard for road safety and now they’re on their way to rich people’s heaven?

Still pretending to be Jesus. Does Kanye do this every time he has sex?  Or just when he has sex on a bike?

Why does it finish with a picture of a low-budget horror DVD cover?

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