Lady Gaga - pop's equivalent to that weird, arty uncle who took too much acid when he was young and now claims to be able to see auras - has gone and done another epic music video.

We say epic because it's 12 minutes long, it's quite literally an epic and... ain't nobody got time for that. Which is why we watched it so that you don't have to.

Here's everything that went through our heads when we watched it. And if you've got a spare quarter of an hour, you can watch it yourself above.

Is this a reference to Nirvana’s In Utero album?
And if it is, how has Courtney Love not sued anyone yet?

You can totally see where the arrow is stuck to Gaga’s naked painted chest rather than stuck 'through' her naked painted chest.

Worst Batman outfit ever.

Dancers trying to be sassy and instead accidentally looking like Nazis.

Those guys wish they were really in the video for Aaliyah's Rock The Boat.


Did that lady fall through a set of window blinds?

Happy Gilmore tribute?

Did GaGa just get naked to grab our attention again at 3.42? Yes. Yes she did.

This looks like a hippy arty version of The War of The Worlds.

Say what you want, when it comes to bear costumes, Miley Cyrus is miles better than GaGa.

Apparently only the tanned, muscley guys get to sit on chairs…as demonstrated by pasty man in bottom right corner.

The statues behind Gaga look like they’ve fallen out and are turning their backs on each other. The tiger seems entirely non-commital.

The guy at the front is totally questioning whether the money was worth it.

Terrified he’s going to accidentally touch Gaga’s boob and she’s going to kick right off.

This is the worst fake Michael Jackson ever made. The chin alone is way off and we're not even going to discuss the nose.


Ghandi and Jesus look a lot better than Michael Jackson.

This scene is definitely advertising a jean brand of some type.

If Minnie Mouse was a goth.

Pretty sure this is a corridor of Dr Evil’s submarine from Goldmember with slightly brighter lighting.

Some of these men are CGI.

We don’t care what you say, 4 minutes is far too long for credits on a music video. Even if the music video is 7 minutes long.

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