Ten of the best… comedians

Posted by , 12 January 2011

Lee Evans

If this was a poll for top ten sweatiest people of all time, Lee Evans would absolutely feature right at the top. He would also rank highly on the most consistently funny comedians of our time poll. The very reason pretty much every one of his tours sells out in seconds. He really goes for it. Sometimes it’s a little worrying, but most of the time its absolute megalols.

Best Joke

“[About doctors] And they always say the same thing. They say ‘Your appointment is at four,’ and it’s never at four! You go down there at four and you have to wait in that waiting room with all the coughers for another bloody hour. You know when that doctor comes out at five, and he’ll say, ‘I’ll see you now.’ ‘No, you fuckin’ won’t! I’ve got a few more posters to read yet! Sit the fuck down!’'

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