Technology is a wonder. It's given billions of people around the world the chance to contact one another. It's formed relationships, marriages and families that would have never existed in, say, the '70s.

But technology can also be a curse.

Say you meet a pretty girl, possibly at a party, maybe on Tinder. You decide to woo her with a video. A selfie video. A selfie video with Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home" playing in the background as you coquettishly smile and touch your face like an I'm-shy-but-not-really Enrique Iglesias.

Say your recipient enjoys this video for all the wrong reasons and it ends up going viral. Your attempt at seduction is seen by hundreds of thousands of people, soon to be millions, and cringed at for the rest of eternity.

You've essentially just read the story of Brody Ryan, aka StarbucksDrakeHands, an overnight celebrity whose tuneful romancing has been making the rounds of the internet.

So who is the lucky lady? LA model Piper Kennedy. She met Brody in Starbucks, where he works, gave him her number and he sent her said video. She then LOLd her face off and sent it to her friend DJ Ben Roc, who posted it on Instagram.

In four days, the hashtag #StarbucksDrakeHands has exploded, a YouTube video has had over 300K videos and such parodies as these have been born from it:

The good news? Piper has told MailOnline that she intends to meet up with Brody. Will he acheive one of life's ultimate double whammies by getting the girl AND becoming internet famous in the same week? Watch this space.

In fact, maybe it wasn't such a bad idea after all...