Everton’s Marouane Fellaini is one of our favourite Premier League players. We like his combative nature, his never say die attitude, his committed tackling, his aerial prowess and his goalscoring ability. But most of all, we like his bloody terrific MONSTER AFRO.

We chart its beautiful, awe-inspiring progress throughout Marouane's career, like a tiny curly larva to a fully-developed glorious butterfly of kinky keratin.

Marouane Fellaini no afro
10 Dec, 2006

Less than five years ago, an 18-year-old Marouane was sporting this pathetic excuse for a barnet. Look at him: he's like half a man. "Ooh, don't hurt me. Don't let the ball touch me. My mum's going to be so mad that I got my nice white sock dirty." COME ON, MAROUANE.

Marouane Fellaini hair
2 June, 2007

Then, after scoring his first goal for Belgium, the Fell-meister had a life-changing epiphany. "Hair! That's what I need. A bloody monstrous afro. Yes. More hair = more goals."

Fellaini afro hair
28 April, 2008

A tense moment at the Belgian Ebony Shoe prize award ceremony for best African player in the Belgian Jupiler League, when Marouane has a 'fro-off against team-mate Dieumerci Mbokani. He wins, but neither combatant is covered in glory.

Fellaini header
30 May, 2008

Marouane's 'fro is finally starting to take shape. He's physically willing it to grow at every opportunity, even during an international friendly against Italy. "Sprout, you bastard. Sprout!"

Marouane Fellaini hair do
5 Oct, 2008

A move to Merseyside did wonders for Marouane's head-pet, and he's understandably chuffed. Good ol' Louis Saha was even on hand to ensure it didn't fall off. Then he got injured, obviously.

Fellaini afro Belgium
15 Nov, 2011

The cultivation is complete, and Marouane's afro is worthy of its own squad number. Even his own team-mates are afraid of it, let alone France striker Jeremy Menez.