You know when you're a kid and you start to learn little tricks in life? Like how to make a noise by putting a blade of grass between your thumbs, or you find out that you can make fire by rubbing two sticks together (even though you never could do it yourself). Well, why aren't there more of those in modern life? You should be able to rub two Wii controllers together and create a flaming bowling ball. Well they may not quite be at that level, but we have found a trick or two for you to exploit in the 21st century world:

1/ Laser head

If you’re standing in the kitchen and want to change the TV channel, put the remote under you chin, pointing upwards. Your noggin acts as a parabolic reflector and directs some extra energy into the beam. Scary.

2/ See in the dark

If you wake up in the dark needing a wee, cover one eye with your hand before you turn the light on and leave it there until you finish and turn the light off again. The covered eye will retain its ability to see in the dark.

3/ Get free wi-fi at airports

Bored? Plane delayed? Steal internet. If you’re in an airport that has pay-for wi-fi, just try adding ‘?.jpg’ at the end of any URL. You’ll be able to view pages that allow images to go through without a redirect – for free.

4/ Free phone charger

If you lose your phone charger, don’t buy another from that odd man who has a stall in town on a Saturday. Visit a large hotel and say you left it there, instead. Chargers are the number one item left behind in rooms. Worth a shot eh?

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