If you’re at work, complaining that the four day weekend is over and ranting about how this three-day week is unbelievably unfair on you, think about this poor goat, who has been trained to walk on a tightrope WITH A MONKEY ON HIS BACK.

This footage was taken from a circus performance on the Nanwan Monkey Island in Lingshui County, South China’s Hainan Province. We think it's a bit cruel, but also hilarious, so our moral compass is going a bit mental.

Here were our thoughts, blow-by-blow, as we watched the video for the very first time.

“Blimey, that goat’s climbing a ladder.”

“Why is the monkey even there? What a freeloader”

“Come on, fall over, fall over, fall over…”

“Goat looks sad.”

“Surely the goat won’t turn – HE’S TURNING AROUND ON A TIGHTROPE”

“Oh, THAT’s why the monkey was there.”

“This duo should be on Britain’s Got Talent.”

And that, readers, is your dose of goats-and-monkeys-on-tightropes for one day. Tune in tomorrow for a video of a dog playing the piano, and a seagull discussing quantum physics.