FHM went to the Download festival a few weeks ago and all we came back with was a lousy T-shirt, tinnitus from an amazing Metallica headline set…. oh, and an image in our minds that we will NEVER, EVER be able to remove.

We’d made the trip to the world’s premiere rock festival in hope of finding sexy girls with dirty stories (we did, you can see their lovely faces and read their depraved stories in the Georgia Salpa issue, out now).

We also bumped into this bloke.

We thought PURE FUCKING HATE inked on his chest was bad enough…. But then he turned around.

worst ever tattoo


most offensive tattoo ever

Maybe, it was some elaborate joke by his tattoo artist (he asked for a small anchor and got a little more than he bargained for).

Or maybe this fella is a just a huuuuuuge wanker and simply wanted to make sure that anyone approaching him from behind was clear about this.

Either way, this is 100% the most offensive tattoo we’ve ever laid our eyes on. If you think you can do (or have done?) better then send us the evidence to letters@fhm.com.