It's FHM's weekly round-up of the best, worst, dumbest and funniest that the worldwide globalnet interweb has to offer. We've clicked a million links - so that you need only click five!

5. How to eat noodles

Yep. Seems about right. 

4. V Festival-goer accidentally mudslides into a girl's wee-stream

Out of the frying pan (toxic festival mud) and into the fire (some girl's cider-wee).

3. Cult-1980s-movie gif of the week

Gremlins' Gizmo becomes overwhelmed with the sheer excitement of it all.

2. Synchronised swimming is terrifying

You probably didn't watch the synchronised swimming when the Olympics was on – here's why you should be very, very thankful for that. (Turn the volume up for maximum bed-shitting effect...)


1. Dog-shaming

At last! Dogs have been getting away with murder for far too long. Well, the creators of the instantly-huge Tumblr account Dogshaming have decided that enough is enough...

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