5. Katy and Rihanna at the 2012 MTV Music Video Awards

If you cover up the bottom half of this gif, and sort-of squint at it... Well, you probably get what we're saying here. 

4. Disney = weeping kids

These two American youngsters have just been to see brand-new Disney flick The Odd Life Of Timothy Green. So – how did they enjoy it? 

3. Unfortunate limb-placement

A perfectly lovely photo gone horribly, horribly awry. 

2. Katy hearts Rihanna (part two)

They are definitely having a secret, torrid, girl-on-girl affair, and if anyone tries to tell us different then we'll cover our ears and drown their lies out with yells.  

1. Man vs. dog

Tsk. Somebody should inform the RSPCA.

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