Words by Tom Ryder

5) How to spot a rogue €2 coin

Somehow made all the funnier by the fact that ‘fake’ appears in German. In case you’re wondering, the phallus represents Scandinavia.

4) Mmm tacos

The jury is still out on exactly what this creature is. Is it a gorilla? Sasquatch? Howard Marks? All we know is that Mexican food has never provoked quite such an intense reaction.

3) Bored Shorts Go To The Moon

The format is simple: two imaginative infants are given a scenario and improvise some dialogue. Their tall-tales are then played out for real by adults. Watch the tots’ lunar adventure here:

2) Handball!

There’s a grenade on the pitch. Better throw it past the corner flag and into the crowd. This Iranian player gets more than he bargains for when he removes the most literal of missiles from the field.

1. Lady Gaga, made of Marmite

You either love it/her or hate it/her. As created by mental-haired Marmite-artist Nathan Wyburn, who you may recall from Britain's Got Talent.

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