Last night after the Christmas party, FHM's esteemed Rob McGarr managed to sweet-talk his way past a security guard back in to the office. And then was woken by the same guard asking for his keys back. So we asked our Twitter followers for some strange places they had woken up. Here's 10 of the best:

MissEmmaGlover: @FHM_UK locked myself in bosses office (seemed safer) and slept under his desk - was a surprise to be woken at 9am by rattling door handle.

R055_H: @FHM_UK 20 miles away from home in a garden hedge with no money and one shoe.

clutterances: @FHM_UK I woke up in the dugout of the Madjeski stadium in Reading, covered in tinsel nursing a large headache.

James_Hare: @FHM_UK Too many to choose from... Top 3 - Graveyard, Middle of a dirt track in a puddle, my mums garage roof.

Der_Swede: @FHM_UK A brick wall 'somewhere' in Blackpool after a work Xmas night out. miles from the bars i was in. 2 buses & 2 trains to get home...

karl4real: @FHM_UK In my mates Aunties bed....with her in in it .....! Was all good tho ;-) ! She had a great ass ;-) nom.

JohnInstone: @FHM_UK on the number 40 bus circling around Genoa in pink pub Golf outfit.

alanmrobertson: @FHM_UK After a birthday night, I woke cycling up Santa Monica Blvd at 5am clueless as to how the night ended or where the bike came from.

seraphvim: @FHM_UK Under a Citroën 2cv. Semi-naked in a Church Bell-Tower.

AnnaFowlerphoto: @FHM_UK cypress hill's VIP box whilst travelling on tour with eminem and d12 #wildchilddays.

And one from our very own here in the office:

pspfrench: @FHM_UK I woke up on this roundabout once -

Think you've done better? Let us know on Twitter.