We love our European friends and their ‘wacky’ music. Eurovision weekend is always marked in big red letters on our calendars, and this year’s competition was no disappointment. Well, apart from Blue. We knew it was going to be failure all along. You can’t expect the good people of Europe to vote for England purely because Antony Costa has the ability to get money out and urinate on an cash point at the same time.

Norway are already one step ahead of the game as we begin counting down the days until Eurovision 2012. Tonje Langeteig, a local Norwegian pop star has proved herself keen to compete by coming up with a killer song, Don’t Want To Be A Crappy Housewife. Sure, it might have been slated by most people for being worse than what was previously the worst song on the internet, Rebecca Black’s Friday, but we’ll just put that down to bad taste.

The classic mix of europop crossed with the budget-busting production of the video has totally tipped Norway into the top spot on the list of places we would definitely like to visit. Maybe we could even attend one of Tonje’s concerts in the hope that we might get to meet her and her friends from the video (who we think are the Norwegian Jedward). But we mustn’t get our hopes up, that’s probably dreaming a little too big for us. So for now we’ll just have to stick to Blue.