Making FHM is always an educational experience, especially when you're chatting with the likes of Jack Black and Meat Loaf.

There's way too many excellent nuggets of knowledge to give to you all in one go. It's Friday, you're probably a bit tired and, quite frankly, the human brain isn't capable to handling that much cool shit all at once. So, to get your brain itching for more, here's seven top things we learned this month.

01 Jack Black taught us that you don't need to be an arsehole to get to the top.Jack Black in Bernie

02 Roasting a whole hog is easier than you'd think. Hog roast

03 Hot surfer girls, like Alana Blanchard right here, really do exist.

Alana Blanchard

04 Meat Loaf believes that he is the second coming of Henry VIII.

Meat Loaf and Henry VIII

05 Width is more important than length.


06 Dogs are the next big thing on the catwalk, ironically.

Bryony's Dog

Trainers from Diadora at JD Sports.

07 Kelly Brook, the most successful 100 Sexiest entrant of all time, looks amazing in her FHM cover shoot.

Kelly Brook

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