The FHM office is currently littered with enough pumpkins to drown an elephant, which makes the attached eerie video feel a little bit too close to home.

Why have we got so many pumpkins? Do we just REALLY LIKE pumpkin pie? No, you nutter – it’s because it’s nearly Halloween in a few days and tomorrow sees the inaugural FHM Pumpkin Carving Competition.

If you want to get involved, do the following:

Get a pumpkin
Carve it
Take a picture of it
Send us that picture (

We'll make a lovely gallery of the best ones and give out some prizes willy-nilly like a pissed up Santa.

Bonus points for:

Use of all pumpkin elements (seeds and that)
Making us laugh
Giving your pumpkin a funny name (not Mr. Pumpkin or The Scarlet Pumpkinel)

Points deducted for:

Sending us a picture off the internet

Good luck and get carvin'!