In September 2014, the people of Scotland will decide whether or not to become independent.

If the majority vote YES, then it begs the question: what will happen to their currency? Would they keep the pound?

Chancellor George Osborne announced today that there is no guarantee that the UK and Scotland would be able to agree on a currency union, which means that Scotland may end up having to create their own currency.

So what could this new currency look like? And, more importantly, whose face should be shoved on the front of it?

We thought Groundskeeper Willie was a great shout, but then Braveheart might be more appropriate.

Braveheart Scottish note
Hmm, maybe it's too risky to make Mel "The Loose Cannon" Gibson the face of Scottish moolah. What about Shrek? He's pretty safe, right?

Shrek Scottish noteWell, who would YOU choose?