After inflicting 54 years of pain on the youth of Britain, the BBC have decided to axe rubbish children's programme, Blue Peter. In celebration of this wonderful news, FHM recounts the ten things we always hated about the nation's favourite educational series.

1. The badges
They sent out the infamous blue boat badge if you wrote a particularly heartfelt letter. We once sent in a poem about a kid who killed all his classmates with laser beams that came out of his eyes. They never sent us one. Bastards.

2. The pets
Cookie the cat and Bonnie the labrador didn't exactly make for amazing viewing. What they needed was Lucy the lion or Colin the crocodile biting a chunk out of a little kid's trousers. Now that's entertainment.

3. The presenters
Who all seemed a little bit sketchy. Apart from Helen Skelton, who we'd love to cuddle.

4. The phrase "Here's one we made earlier"
Yeah? Really? When?

5. The appeals
"Send us your unwanted bogies!" Nah, you're alright.

6. The Blue Peter garden
No 12-year-old in his right mind wants to know how to grow a geranium. It may be an urban myth but if Dennis Wise and Les Ferdinand really did trash the Blue Peter garden back in the day we wholeheartedly salute them.

7. The controversies
Was it just us, or did people seem more bothered about a fake competition winner than Richard Bacon's cocaine use?

8. The theme tune
Otherwise known as the world's shittest sea shanty.

9. The animal piss
Every time a circus rolled into the studio, the place quickly became flooded under a tonne of elephant wee. We could practically smell it through the screen.

10. The annuals
Although we may be able to buy ourselves lunch from Greggs when we sell them all on eBay.