Sochi 2014 is over and, generally, despite everyone’s initial doubt about Russia as hosts, it all went pretty well. Sure, they might have messed up the Opening Ceremony display of the Olympic rings and all that…

But generally, it was all OK. And, best of all, it gave us these brilliant GIFs. Here’s FHM’s round-up of the best Sochi 2014 moments:

When these falls happened


Belarusian Anton Kushnir's absolutely amazing ski jump touchdown.

The most terrifying mascot in Olympic History, winter or otherwise.

Brazil’s bobsled team having a Cool Runnings moment.

The greatest camera angle ever.

This hockey wipeout.

When it was impossible to tell who finished second.

When Olga Graf forgot she wasn't wearing anything under her skate suit.

And, obviously, that epic moment when figure-skater Ashley Wagner thought her score was bullshit…

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