Summer is finally just around the corner, ready to jump out at us and slash our Levi's into questionable denim cut-offs and egg us on to down an entire jug of next-level Pimms (which you'll find on page 72 of the mag.)

The latest issue of FHM happens to be the perfect place to get prepped for the sunny months - it's got everything from advice on which watch to rock on the beach, to our bucket list of things real men do in summer. You might call it our "hottest issue ever." If you liked shit puns.

Here's what our Features Editor has worked tirelessly to bring you this month...

01 The End-Of-Season Footy Awards

We answer the most important questions in football. Who does have the best beard? And what was the most offensive thing said by a pundit this year? See a preview here.


End of season football awards

02 Kelly Brook

National treasure Kelly has been giving teenage boys their first boners since 1999. To get you started, here's 10 GIF reasons why.

Kelly Brook for FHM

03 Summer Tick List

Build a tree house, grow some guns and, er, cook a whole pig. Summers are bloody special - read the 45 ways to really make the most of yours.

FHM's summer tick list feature

04 The Truth About Sex

When it comes to sex, there are certain mysteries that have always been unsolvable to the common man. Until now. Here's just five of the myths obliterated by Dr Christian.

Staci Ann for FHM

05 Unsanctioned Boxing

No doctors, no protective gear and no prize money. FHM finds out why normal guys are risking their lives in the ring.

Boxing feature in FHM
Grab your copy now and have a great weekend on us!

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