We like to think of ourselves as an office full of modern go-getters, at the very forefront of pop culture here at FHM. So, how news of Corey Feldman's pop career and THIS music video escaped us we have no idea.

The song is an auto-tune heavy, addictive ditty that's so bad it's brilliant. We defy you not to be singing the chorus against your own volition later today.

That said, the video left us scratching our heads and asking a LOT of questions, such as...


Why is it soooo bright outside, does Corey live in the sun?

Is Corey wearing guyliner?

Is this wiring in compliance with health and safety regulations?

Is this all one big homage to Michael Jackson?

Here's Corey with fellow Goonies star/Samwise Gangee, Sean Astin! Is the statue to the left the same one they broke in The Goonies?

Why is this woman pouring her perfectly good drink onto this inflatable dolphin?

Where are this boy's parents?


Why aren't all parties sponsored by energy drinks?

Why don't more people store hats on pieces of string hanging from the ceiling?

Does this dancer know that he still has the string attached to his hat?

Why is the camera zoomed so close that you can't actually see any of this clearly awesome dance routine?

What is Corey watching on TV that's made him so sad?

Is the guy in the background of the poster a young Chad Kroeger?

Why is everything suddenly superimposed onto the video of Dancing In The Dark by Bruce Springsteen?

and finally...



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