Image credits: Stefan Meisel on Flickr for Drogba, Personeelsnet on Flickr for Ruud, and Adrian Parnham on Flickr for the horse

So on Saturday night, Didier Drogba headed in a last-gasp equaliser, gave away a penalty that was saved and then tucked in the winning penalty for Chelsea against Bayern Munich in the European Cup.

As Spurs fans across the country wept at the inevitable sale of Luca Modric to the team lifting the trophy, it occurred that their horse-featured hero had probably kicked his last ball in the royal blue. He would probably be free to enjoy the semi-retired riches of Qatar, or China, or some other developing football nation. 

How curious then that just last week, similarly horse-faced forward Ruud van Nistelrooy announced that he would hang up his hooves and live a life of studdery. There are many similarities about these two strikers – both are among the most potent strikers in Premier League history, and both have won the league multiple times with their clubs – but perhaps their biggest similarity is in the undeniable fact that they both look like horses.

Thus we want you to help us with something that troubles us greatly: who is the most horse-like footballer in the 20 years of the Premier League – is it van Nistelrooy, or Drogba? Let us know on our poll on Facebook today.

We’ve also gone a bit further in helping you make your decision with a helpful infographic about the players:

Horse-alike striker face-off