The Facebook dislike button is coming…


What’s going on, then?
Facebook is apparently in the process of creating and testing a ‘dislike’ function, similar to the ‘like’ option.

So, I can just go around disliking things? Like on reddit?
Not exactly… the Facebook ‘dislike’ button is actually more of an ’empathy’ button. This essentially means you can express your sympathy about something you wouldn’t want to actively say you like, such as an acquaintance sharing sad news about a family member’s passing.

Will we ever get an actual ‘dislike’ button? 
It’s not looking likely.

But I’m sick of looking at pictures of other people’s cats. I just want to watch funny videos on FHM’s Facebook all day.
Mark Zuckerburg said upon announcing the ‘dislike’ button at a recent Facebook Q&A that he didn’t want users to be able to downvote other people’s posts.

Doesn’t pressing the like button express empathy already?
Well, yes.

So, why are they doing this then?
Because that’s what the people want, apparently. Alright?!

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