Ready for a gadget overload? Leo Davie from The Coolector begins the first of his monthly round ups on the top bits of tech you need in your life right this second…

01  Concrete Audio Speakers

concrete-audio-speakersYou probably wouldn’t think that concrete would make good speakers but you, sir, would be wrong as it is possible to be. Treat your ears to these lovely little audio doohickeys from German tech pedlars Concrete Audio.

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02  Mophie Juicepack H2Pro

Mophie-Juicepack-H2ProLooks ace: check. Protects your iPhone 6 in water: check. Provides up to 100% extra battery in a bind: check. The Mophie Juicepack H2Pro phone case is top dog in the case department.

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03  Imbue Tea Vessel

Imbue-Tea-VesselUsing magnets to make the perfect cup of loose leaf tea on the go. There’s going to be plenty of tea-lovers out there who will want to get their hands on the Imbue Tea Vessel.

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04  Lily Drone

lily-droneBilled as the first ‘throw and shoot’ drone – chuck the Lily Drone up in the air and it’ll start snapping shots like a pro. No fiddly controls to get the hang of.

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05  CUBE Light

CUBE-lightGo camping a lot? Scared of ghosts or don’t like faffing with a torch? This CUBE Light has got you covered. Available in a number of different colours that are perfect for setting the mood if you’re…intending to woo a bear? We wouldn’t suggest it.

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06  Nuimo Universal Remote

nuimo-universal-remoteSick of having a remote for absolutely everything? Want a cool little device to rule them all? Well, you want to get your hands on the Nuimo Universal remote which uses Bluetooth to control a shit-tonne of devices with ease.

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07  ALTAR Furniture

altar-furnitureRetired pinball wizard? Well, this brilliant repurposed series of furniture from ALTAR makes ace looking coffee tables from old pinball machines like the epic R2-D2 offering above.

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08  Corkcicle Arctican

corkcircle-arcticanSummer is approaching, so you need to make sure your beer game is strong. The Corkcicle Arctican will keep your beer cold for hours.

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09  Sipaboard Smart Paddleboard

sipaboard-smart-paddleboardPaddleboarding might not seem like the most technologically advanced activity, but this top notch offering Sipaboard Smart Paddleboard will change all that with its jet propulsion engine and Bluetooth connectivity.

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10  TZOA Wearable Enviro Tracker

Got concerns about the quality of the air you’re breathing as you cycle through the city centre or trundle along a pub crawl? Grab one of these TZOA Wearable Enviro Trackers that will tell you about the quality of the air i.e. when to hold your breath.

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