Wearable-TechThe future of fashion isn’t cutting-edge designs; it’s high-tech fabrics and kit…


Style intel: Sports brand Falke is the boss at high-tech performance wear. This polo shirt has mesh inserts on the back for ventilation, and reflective neon-colour detailing for night-time winter workouts.


Style intel: International calisthenics team BarStarzz modelled for the Hall of Fame 2014 autumn/winter look book. Using their own body weight and street equipment like lampposts to work out, they raise the bar just like the brand.


Style intel: Portable cameras are perfect for filming anything from your bike commute to work, to windsurfing through a waterfall. The cameras are WiFi enabled, they’re waterproof and they have a three-hour battery life.


Style intel: Patagonia is a brand which pushes the boundaries of tech in a sustainable way. On its website, you can read about the company’s supply chain, its environmental support and how it’s socially responsible.


Style intel: Be ready for any torrential downpours with a waterproof military-inspired overshirt from Ma.Strum. It even comes with a solar-powered torch mounted to the chest, seam-sealed fabric and zip-closure pockets.


Style intel: In technology and fashion, Reebok has upped its game of late. The brand has collaborated with CrossFit and the Spartan Race and its range of tech wear is now number one for athletes across the world.