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  • Pursuit of Hat Pursuit of Hat

    Hats are great. Some guys like hats so much they'll rip their little cartoon limbs off in order to get theirs back, often as part of a charming cartoony...

  • Learn to Fly 2 Learn to Fly 2

    Penguins can't fly, right? Right. But stuffed penguins attached to hang-gliders, powered by rockets and shot off ramps? Well, that's entirely different.

  • The Last Stand: Union City The Last Stand: Union City

    We've poured hour after hour into surviving waves of zombies in the Last Stands 1 and 2, so we're pretty excited to be able to take...

Play Online - Most Popular

  • Super Mario Bros Redux Super Mario Bros Redux

    It's Mario. And Samus Aran. And Link. And Megaman. All in one place. With thanks and kudos to to the amazing

  • Bra Blaster Bra Blaster

    Shoot the hotties to get them naked

  • Mouse Of The Dead Mouse Of The Dead

    An outstanding rodent-based arcade shooter

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  • Gamble Play Casino

    If there’s anything sweeter winning Roulette then it's winning in your pyjamas with a lovely hot chocolate in your non-mouse hand and the knowledge that you’re within a 10-second stroll of your own fridge.

Card Games

  • Card Games Play Poker

    Play poker with FHM and William Hill. You can play any time of day in hundreds of different tournaments. There are also loads of free games with prize money to jump in on.

Console Games

  • Console Games Games News & Features

    Get all the funniest, best and most original gaming coverage on the internet from the FHM team. Whether it's unique angles on the big franchises, or introducing new games to you, bookmark this page!

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