10 games more addictive than Flappy Bird that you need on your phone now

Posted by , 13 February 2014

10 games more addictive than Flappy Bird that you need on your phone now


Are you a person with a phone, hands and an easily distracted brain box? Then you've probably heard of Flappy Bird, the latest 'more-addictive-than-Heisenberg-meth' video game to send the general public into raptures.

People are missing work, developing RSI and smashing their phones in pixel-rage fury, all because of the simple (yet fricking impossible) game that is Flappy Bird.

The game's gone so off the chain over the past couple of weeks that its creator has gone stir crazy with people talking to him about it, despite the fact that it's the most downloaded thing in the iTunes store and he was getting around a million downloads a day.

It's like the app story of Frankenstein, where the mad scientist destroys the beast that he created. It's mental.

It's also extremely disapointing that there are now shitloads of people who will never know the joy of Flappy Bird and its addictive, pixelated glory.

So, to make things better, here are 10 time-wasting games you should be playing instead...


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