The new iPhone is out and everyone's gone bloody phone mental again, which basically means Instagram selfie-snaps are going through the roof, everyone's terrified about dropping it and we're all bashing the shit out of addictive games on the bus.

We spoke to Chris Stevens, author of Appillionaires, to get his picks on the greatest mobile games ever...

Pudding Monsters

“The people that made Cut The Rope are behind this. It’s a weird adventure puzzle game that’s out now. Cut The Rope is my favourite game, and it’s highly addictive.”

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Touchgrind 2


“It’s a skateboarding game simulating those finger skateboards everyone used to play. You put two fingers on the screen and move them like you would a Tech Deck.”

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Baldur's Gate

“It’s an iPhone adaptation of an adventure fantasy game from the late nineties. It’ll appeal to the retro gaming crowd, striking a nostalgic chord, but will definitely attract new players, too.”

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McPixel 2

“A really weird low-res game in which you have to defuse terrorist bombs in surreal situations. It’s so addictive.”

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