If you take Back To The Future as gospel, as all sensible people do, next year we should finally be zooming around on hover boards.

Sadly, this is looking a little unlikely, but we've found out something even better.

Californian company Aerofex are now accepting pre-orders for the Aero-X hoverbike. That's right. HOVERBIKE. If you can wait until 2017, that is.

Just look at it. It's beautiful.

Aerofex hoverbike

Aerofex hoverbike

Think we're playing another Tony Hawk-style prank? Here's their prototype video from 2012.


So how does it work?

Two three-cylinder gas engines power two ducted carbon fibre rotors – one in front and one behind the driver’s seat.

Have we lost you already? Basically, these rotors face the ground and allow the hoverbike to take off vertically, suspending it in the air. 


Do I have to be a Jedi to ride it?

Actually, the developers claim that driving a hoverbike is as easy as riding a motorcycle and you could learn it all over a weekend.

At knee level, you’ll find two control sticks which will help you change the rotors’ angle and, consequently, the direction. You don’t just get to sit there and admire the view though – to help the hoverbike go the way you want, you also have to lean your body towards that direction.


This is awesome. Why do I have to wait till 2017?

Because we don’t want to die. While Aerofex engineers have worked tirelessly to overcome all sorts of obstacles and drawbacks, they want to create an aero-craft easy to use by the general public.

One of the greatest obstacles they overcame was the so-called “coupling effect” – this has to do with the way rotors spin causing the vehicle to pitch to the left, affecting stability and sending people flying.


What are the numbers?

The 15ft long, 785lb dream machine carries two passengers, flies along at speeds of up to 45 mph and goes as far as 12 feet high. It costs $85,000, which is around 50 grand to us Brits. All in all? 100% awesome.


Why does it look so familiar?

Thanks, Star Wars.

Star Wars

And thank you, Arianny Celeste, for your amazing Instagram weekender, resulting in this amazing GIF...


Words by Eti Tashkova