Don't be an April Fool. Check out some of the awesome gadgets that The Coolector's Leo Davie has found for you to throw your cash at this week... 

01 Amazon Fire TV

Not content with completely bossing the home delivery market, Amazon have decided to throw their shiny gold hat into the home TV streaming arena with Amazon Fire TV. It boasts a shit-tonne of impressive features, including a predictive streaming service that works out what you want to watch, and buffers it before you even hit play.

Available: Amazon

02 Thermodo

If you've grown distrustful of the weather app on your phone and want a more accurate indication of the temperature exactly where you are right now, then you need Thermodo. Just slap one of these in your iPhone and, Bob's your uncle, up-to-date temperature reading.

Available: Thermodo

03 Spiegelau's Stout Glass

This is a must-have for Guinness fans. If you're strong enough for the black stuff, you'll likely be of the opinion that it's deserving of it own special glass. Enter the Spiegelau Stout Glass, which has been custom built with delicious stouts in mind to accentuate their distinctive flavours from your first mouthful to the last drop.

Available: Riedel

04 Bellami HD-1 Camera

Who doesn't want a camera that looks like Han Solo's blaster from Star Wars? Not only can you roll around on the floor making "pew pew' noises with the Bellami HD-1, but it also functions as a camera.

Available: Bellami

05 Bruns Timbre Speakers

Want some speakers that look like a hillbilly's toolbox? Then stick your eyeballs on the brilliantly rustic Bruns Timbre Speakers. If they were a person and not a set of top-of-the-line speakers, they'd probably be a weathered old guy, sat on a porch, chewing corn and saying: "I've got stories to tell that you couldn't even dream about..."

Available: Bruns

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