With a long weekend in store, there is no better time to invest in a gadget or two to fill those couple of extra days off and Leo Davie from The Coolector will act as your Sherpa to the best gadgets and technology he's seen this week.

01 B&O Beoplay A9 Black Edition Speaker

Though it looks like a black hole or a three-legged full-stop, this cracking piece of gadgetry is actually the Bang & Olufsen A9 Black Edition Speaker.  It looks and sounds great, so it's a win-win.

Available: Bang & Olufsen

02 BCX Slingshot

If you're wanting to engage in some Bart Simpson-esque mischief this Easter, then this BCX Slingshot will be your greatest ally. Although, truth be told, given it takes ball-bearing bullets, you'll most likely spend Easter in the clink for criminal damage.

Available: Base Camp X

03 Beer Glass Froster

With summer rapidly approaching, we can all agree that there are few pleasure greater than enjoying a beverage from a frosted glass on a hot day - well, you can bring this pleasure to your homestead with the awesome Beer Glass Froster. Or you could put your glasses in the freezer. Whatever.

Available: Hammacher Schlemmer

04 Power Bacon Deodorant

Having trouble wooing the ladies? Prepare to make that a thing of the past in one fell swoop with the answer to your prayers - yep, Power Bacon Deodorant. Women love men that smell heavily of bacon, right?

Available: J&D's

05 Formula 1 Pit Stops

Whilst the cars of the Formula 1 may well have been considerably prettier over half a century ago, the pit crew were a slovenly bunch and definitely wouldn't have cut the mustard in today's races.

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