Never mind the game – this video has got nuns, guns, hot girls in school uniform and people with wildly impractical hair. We're SO down with that.

APB stands for All Points Bulletin and Reloaded stands for, well, Reloaded – it's a crime-based MMO, recently rereleased after the original owners went into administration only six weeks after release. We wrote an article about APB Reloaded, back when it was in Beta, which mainly focuses around us reminiscing about being in Uni and not having proper jobs.1

APB Reloaded Trailer
This lady used to be a nun. Not any more, though

In order to drum up a bit of excitement, they've done a video that mashes hi-def live action footage with game footage in an attempt to show you how you can change the way your character looks during play. The game footage looks a bit shoddy, which is a shame, but it's an online title so ho hum.

But the thing that attracted us to the video isn't the plethora of beautiful ladies and high-octane violence. It's the song played over the top that you might ignore, initially. That song is actually about the game. Can you remember the last time that happened? 10 points if you can guess correctly. The answers' in the video below:

Takes you back, doesn't it

We miss those days, when it was possible to release a rap about something entirely unstreet, like a film or videogame, and you could get away with it. When Will Smith could turn up and sing the plot of his latest film, slap a catchy chorus in there from an old Stevie Wonder song2, and do really well out of it:


The song features such lyrical gems as “Life is a hotel, you're not ready to check out yet” (“so presumably you'll have to speak to the life concierge on front desk and talk about an extended stay”), “you are now an entity that cannot be explained/ changing your identity in the middle of the game.” It just says that. Right there. In the song. Wonderful.

APB Reloaded is out now for PC

1 We still don't
2 A joke: Have you seen the new Stevie Wonder album? No, neither has he