If you loved Dark Souls and you're looking for the next challenge, then the epic battle between good and evil that is Lords of the Fallen could be the game that fills the void in your life.

In an unforgiving world where no sin is ever forgotten, an army of the long-ago defeated god attacks the human realm. Released from prison, Harkyn and his mentor, Kaslo, set out on a mission to stop the war.

In his journey, Harkyn will forge strong alliances and face even stronger enemies. He will learn the true power of the Rhogar Lords, commanders of god's army. He will even bring the battle to the Rhogar, travelling to the heart of the demonic dimension.

Will the god manage to enslave humans again? Is mankind really able to banish evil? Will Harkyn's sins ever be forgiven?

FHM got to sneak around a dungeon and hack away at a few monsters. Here’s what we learned…

01 You wear your sins on your face.

Lords of the Fallen

You are Harkyn, a convicted criminal who is given a chance at redemption. For each of your sins, you have a tattoo on your face (and you have a lot of them). You are neither good nor evil, and you play how you want to play. You can be bad or you can try to redeem yourself. How will you play?

02 There are lots and lots of weapons.

Lords of the Fallen screenshot

According to CI Games, there are around 100 weapons to choose from with more than 10 weapon styles and, if that’s not enough, you can also cast magic.

There are also a number of different fighting techniques you can use, including two-handed attacks. And if you choose a particular class to play as you are not limited to weapons and gear for that class, you can wear and use whatever you want. Our personal favourite are the Wolverine claws.

03 It's next-gen only.

Lords of the Fallen screenshot

Lords of the Fallen is only going to be available on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for you console lovers (and the PC if you are so inclined). This will be the first major action fantasy RPG for next-gen and should keep you going until next year when The Witcher 3 finally gets released.

04 Boss battles.

Lords of the Fallen

As you would expect from an RPG, there are boss battles and they are super hard, so expect to die a few times. OK, a lot of times. But who wants a boss that plays hard to get?

05 Tell me a story.

Lords of the Fallen

You learn more about Harkyn and the world around you through audio logs you find during your journey. It’s like a scary version of Jackanory but you just want to hear a little bit more…

06 Let’s see it then.

We have a few minutes of gameplay footage to show you:

If you are a fan of Dark Souls and you want something on next-gen then you are going to love Lords of the Fallen. Just prepare yourself to die a lot. It's crazy epic shit.

Lords of the Fallen will be released in the Autumn for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Words by Andrew Edney