As the voice of one of the main characters in Dark Souls 2, who better to give us the back stories of this mega game’s playable individuals than comedian Peter Serafinowicz?

Lucatriel of Mirrah



"Lucatriel started a web dating agency, but realised there was no Internet in his world. He then tried to create a rudimentary Internet from wood, string and gems, with limited success. "


Emerald Herald

"This mysterious, beautiful siren is the living embodiment of a document from another world… a local Irish newspaper. It used to be 20p but these days: it’s free. "


 Maughlin the Armourer

"Maughlin started making armour at a very young age, making iron armour for ants. Then, as his skills grew, he could work in finer detail, and made armour for fleas, then ticks, then bacteria."


Blacksmith Lenigrest

"Before smithing mighty weapons, ‘Lennie’ started out forging office supplies: staples, drawing pins, and hole punches. He still makes the odd paperclip every now and then for special customers, but they are very expensive."

Merchant Hag Melentia

"Although Melentia appears very old, she is only nineteen. She spends a LOT of time in the bath. Keep her out of water for a few hours, and wow! She’s gorgeous! Well - not bad."

Blue Sentinel Targray

"The Blue Sentinel is the only character who is aware that he is in a game. While you are playing he searches your computer to steal your Paypal login. He is also Dark Souls’ only bisexual character."

Dark Souls II is out on XBOX360 and PS3 on March 14.