As the movie hits cinemas on Wednesday 12 March, the Need For Speed car will be touring the UK and giving away £500 to the first person that can find it and whack their hungry hand on it.

Based on the best-selling video game franchise, Need For Speed is a heart-pounding thriller that drops us into the world of illegal street racing. Starring Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper and the mind-blowing Imogen Poots, Need For Speed promises to deliver the kind of awesome, high-octane movie that stays true to 1970s car culture.

Aaron plays Tobey, a man who has just been released from prison for a crime he didn't commit, who sets out on a cross-country mission to avenge the death of his friend Pete.

Watch the trailer here:

The Need For Speed car will be stopping off at the following cities for one day only:

6 March: Glasgow
7 March: Newcastle
8 March: Manchester
10 March: Sheffield
11 March: London

All through the day, clues will be given out via the official Need For Speed social media account @NeedforSpeed_UK. The first to work out the clue, find the car, put their hand on it and say "I have the Need For Speed" will win £500.

There are three chances of winning in each city, each day, so keep an eye out.

Need For Speed is in cinemas from Wednesday March 12,


  • Winners under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18
  • There are three prizes of £500 per day, over the following days:

6 March 2014: Glasgow
7 March 2014: Newcastle
8 March 2014: Manchester
10 March 2014: Sheffield
11 March 2014: London

  • No alternative prize offered
  • The £500 prize will be awarded to the first person that reaches the location of the Need For Speed Cash Race car, and says, “I have the Need For Speed”
  • The £500 prize is via an electronic bank transfer, on the day of the prize win (or the next working day)
  • The winner’s bank details must be provided to the onsite Substance representative
  • The prizes are not transferable
  • Winners will need a debit account for the prize to be transferred
  • Winners must have access to a personal email account
  • The adjudicator’s decision is final