Katy Perry is, on good authority - indeed, on your authority - the second sexiest woman on the planet. That's not a bad silver medal to pick up. So would you like to meet her, then, and chat about her music and things?

Maybe you would. We've met her. She's lovely. The people at Just Dance think she's lovely too, and they've decided to put together a competition to meet her and watch her in concert, if that's your thing. But here's the twist - it's not just any contest. You can't just send your name and number on a postcard to a PO Box address, or answer an insultingly easy multiple choice question like:

Katy Perry, at home. Well. At someone's home, anyway

What is Katy Perry's surname?
a) Perry
b) Parry
c) Parrot
d) All of the above

No. You want to meet Katy Perry, you have to dance. Specifically, you have to take a video of yourself dancing to her song Firework (an inspiring and uplifting tune if ever there was one) on Just Dance 2 and then upload it to the internet where people will actually see it and judge you harshly. Then - and this is the clincher - if you win, it'll be played at one of her concerts for everyone to see. Everyone. All the people. Is that something you'd want to endure for the sake of meeting Katy Perry? It might be too much for us, but then again we've met her already.

For more info, head over to the Just Dance Facebook page. And if you do end up recording yourself, drop us a line, won't you?