With only a week left until Valentine's Day, Leo Davie from The Coolector takes a look at the five gadgets men can only hope to get, but probably won't, come 14 February. Hint. Hiiiiiint.

01 Kyosho Snow Plough

Kyosho snow plough

Though we're yet to experience much snow in the UK this winter, it always pays to be prepared. That's why we've got our eyes firmly fixed on one of these awesome-looking remote control Kyosho Snow Ploughs. Mr Plow jacket mandatory.

Available at Infernos Only

02 Facebook Paper

Facebook paper

Sick of the way your Facebook looks? Grown weary of those Candy Crush help requests? Then you need to take a look at Facebook Paper, which is a much prettier, more stylish affair. It looks more like a newspaper and less like the shitfest your feed has likely become.

Available at Facebook Paper

03 Eyelock Myris

Eyelock Myris

Only got enough memory capacity for a single password and consequently shit-scared about the security issues that your 'Password123' raises? Then you want to get your mitts on the Eyelock Myris. It plugs into your computing machine via USB and saves all the usernames and passwords for your favourite sites, so you can free up the memory in your own brainbox. Just make sure you don't get drunk and leave it in the pub, yeah?

Available at Eyelock

04 Skull Doorknob

Got a mancave you want to keep off limits – no flowers on the windowsill or a hoovered carpet? Then you need to invest in one of these nefarious-looking Skull Doorknobs to keep it as a manly realm. It looks pretty badass, but good luck tackling it when you do the 2AM drunk door-unlocking tango.

Available at Forever Fineness

05 Pacemaker 


Though you shouldn't rely on this Pacemaker if you've got heart palpitations, it will definitely come in handy if you want to ramp up your DJing skills. The Pacemaker app is Spotify-certified and lets you mix all your favourite tunes from the platform.

Available at Pacemaker

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