It’s been a long time since the 1981 release of Castle Wolfenstein, and Bethesda in conjunction with MachineGames are bringing the latest in the series, Wolfenstein: The New Order to us next week, and it’s going to be a bloodbath…

FHM got to play the first three hours of the game and here’s what we learnt – lock and load..

01  It’s a new future, but it’s not so bright

The game starts on July 16th 1946 and B.J. Blazkowicz (i.e. you) is on a plane embarking on a last ditch mission to destroy Deathshead and his army.

Long story short, some stuff happens and you wake up in Poland in 1960 where the Nazi’s have won the war and currently rule the world. Which is a massive bummer.

02  There’s enough artillery to cause a national crisis

As you would expect from a Wolfenstein game there are a lot of weapons, from knives, to pistols, machine guns and heavy turret guns.

And with very few exceptions you can wield them all, bringing maximum death and destruction to those around you.

03  You can play quiet or loud

Stealth plays an important part of the game, you can sneak up behind an enemy and slit their throat, or you can fit a silencer to one of your weapons and shoot them without making a sound.

Or you can go full Arnie and shoot anything and everything that moves. Which is arguably a lot more fun.

04  There are perks

The way you earn these perks is to perform certain tasks, such as perform a silent kill on an enemy.

This will then unlock a certain perk from the four perk trees – Stealth, Tactical, Assault and Demolition, making you more bad ass than ever. Killing never felt so fulfilling.

05  We have some gameplay to share with you

Most of the gameplay takes place in 1946 but there is a little of the 1960 gameplay to see, along with part of the torture sequence which is more intense than an evening with the in-laws.

Words by: Andrew Edney

Twitter: @Aedney