We get manly advice from a Royal Marines Captain

Posted by , 08 November 2011



What's a good meal to make to impress someone?

Spaghetti Bolognaise. Lloyd Grossman's sauce is best.

Is it ever worth buying fresh herbs?


How should we take our steak?

Medium rare.

How many sugars in tea is the correct amount?


Can we legitmately order a fancy coffee like a latte or something or should we just stick to regular coffee and be done with it?

Regular coffee, and be done with it.

Salt and Vinegar or Cheese and Onion?

Salt and Vinegar.

Indian or Chinese?


Are chopsticks still valid or should everyone just get on with it and eat with forks?

They should get on with it and use forks.

Is Marmite good or bad, definitively? End the bloodshed now.

It's bad. Very bad.

Right, we're done! Thanks Captain!

Do you reckon you could make difficult decisions, such as these? Head over to the Green Ops Facebook page and have a go. We did. We messed up.

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